Raw materials, additives, organic and special pigments for the formulation of: primers, mortars and coatings for industrial and civil engineering floors. Inorganic fillers and flame retardants, antimicrobials and anti-molds.



SILSAN: Resine polisilossaniche per idropitture per esterno, ad alta resistenza e bassa presa di sporco. Ottima applicabilità e ritenzione d’acqua. Impregnanti siliconici idrorepellenti per il trattamento delle facciate.

GRAPHITE: Natural crystalline and amorphous graphite for use as a lubricating and modifying additive for thermal and electrical conductivity.

SODASIL - ALNASIL: Silicato di alluminio sintetico precipitato ad elevato grado di bianco; utilizzato come extender del biossido di titanio per conferire coprenza e migliorare l’aspetto superficiale diminuendo la presa di sporco.
GELOXAL: Idrossido di alluminio amorfo per la produzione di acceleranti per cementi a spruzzo.

LUBA-PRINT: Dispersion of waxes in water and solvents.

NABALOX: Calcined aluminum oxide to give greater surface hardness and anti-scratch characteristics.
APYRAL: Precipitated, ground, colorless and transparent aluminum hydroxides. Apyrogenic filler for non-intumescent flame retarding coatings; does not develop black, toxic fumes, resistant to water.

D.E.H .: Adducts and amine, polyamine, polyamide and cycloaliphatic hardeners. Also water based.
D.E.R .: Epoxy resins, pure, modified and water based.

OXYPERM: Pigments. Bismuth vanadate and rutile and spinel metal compounds with high thermal resistance.

PIN-FLOC: Natural and synthetic fibers, polypropylene and acrylonitrile, cut or ground, suitable for reinforcing and softening plasters and resinous coatings.

RW-FUELLER: Gray, white and granular amorphous silica free of iron.

PERLITE - Hollow inorganic lightening microspheres.

ULTRAFRESH: Antimicrobial additives, including silver ions, for the long-term protection of coatings from micro-organisms, algae, fungi and mites.

SINCO - SINCOL - SINDO - SINFAST - SINCAR - SIMPER - SINLAKE: Organic and inorganic powder pigments.

BETOLIN: Potassium silicate binders and related additives.
SAPETIN: Dispersers and wetters for inorganic pigments in water.

QUINTONE: Hydrocarbon resins (Aliphatic and Aliphatic-Aromatic) for the formulation of road paints.