Polymers, additives and organic and special pigments for the compounding of thermoplastic materials and molding, extrusion and calendering processes. Flame retardant, antimicrobial and anti-mold fillers.



CROMELASTIC: Polyurethane and polyurethane-acrylic water dispersions (PUD)

GRAPHITE: Natural crystalline and amorphous graphite for use as a lubricating and modifying additive for thermal and electrical conductivity.
GRAPHITE ES: Expandable graphite with intumescent action.

ACCUREL SYSTEM MP-XP: Microporous polymer granules.ACCUREL SYSTEM AO: Microporous polymer granules containing antioxidant additives.
ACCUREL GA / AF: Microporous polymer granules containing anti-condensate additives for food and agriculture applications.
ACCUREL SI / SF: Microporous polymer granules containing lubricating additives and silicon and amide processing aid.

JELUXYL: Hard and soft wood fibers for the production of WPC.

FR-series and F-series: polymeric and non-polymeric brominated flame retardants
FYROLFLEX: RDP and SOL-DP mainly used for PC/ABS and PPO/HIPS
PHOSFLEX: phosphorus flame retardant plasticizers mainly used for PVC
FR-20: magnesium hydroxide coated and uncoated grades

SODASIL - EBROSIL: Additives for the production of PVC stabilizers.

APYRAL: Precipitated and ground aluminum hydroxides, flame retardants.
ACTILOX: Stabilizers and Acid Scavanger for PVC.

ARMOSTAT: Additivo Antistatico.
KETJENBLACK: Nero Carbon Black superconduttivo.

OKABEST: New generation antioxidant and thermal stabilizing systems for PA and PP.

OXYPERM: Pigments. Bismuth vanadate and rutile and spinel metal compounds with high thermal resistance.

PIN-FLOC: Natural and synthetic fibers, Polypropylene and Acrylonitrile, cut or ground.

PLASTRONFOAM: Masterbatches espandenti di tipo endotermico anche in versione polvere per ogni tipo di necessità.
PLASTRONNUC: Additivo nucleante per riduzione cicli di lavorazione.

PROVIPLAST: Plastificanti non ftalati e “green solution” per Poliammidi e PVC.

ROFLEX: Ritardanti di fiamma base fosforo utilizzabili anche come plastificanti a ridotta infiammabilità per il PVC.
ROSTABIL: Stabilizzanti termici secondari. Fosfiti.

AQUAVEX - ETERNBRITE - STARBRITE - SILVET - SILVEX - SILVERCOAT - TUFFLAKE: Special aluminum metallic pigments in paste (solvent and water), or in powder form.

ULTRAFRESH: Antimicrobial additives, including silver ions, for long-term protection of end products from micro-organisms, algae, fungi and mites.

TECNOBOND: Compatibilizers and impact modifiers.

TITANSTAB: Ca / Zn and organic Ca PVC stabilizers.

SINCO - SINCOL - SINDO - SINFAST - SINCAR - SIMPER - SINLAKE: Organic and inorganic powder pigments.

WANTHANE: Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), ether and ester base, aromatic and aliphatic.

PA – UV: Masterbatches additivi di tipo Processing Aid (PPA) e stabilizzanti ed assorbitori UV.

QUINTONE: Resine idrocarboniche, alifatiche e alifatiche-aromatiche.
QUINTAC: Elastomero termoplastico con struttura a blocchi polistirene/poliisoprene SIS. Eccellente viscosità adesività e stabilità termica.